26th Edition of the
Raging Bull Awards

1 February 2022

Our mission and vision

The Raging Bull Awards serves as a platform to provide the Financial and Investment Services industry with an opportunity to honor the leaders of the collective South African investment schemes industry. The annual ceremony celebrates the top performers across a range of sectors and acknowledges investment managers in terms of top outright performers, best risk-adjusted performers and the best unit trust management companies. The first Raging Bull Awards ceremony was held in 1997, with top performers awarded to the most consistent performers over three years.

About the Raging Bull Awards

Awards are given to the top-performing funds in the unit trust sectors that attract the most money from investors. They are made on the basis of risk-adjusted performance as measured by the PlexCrown Ratings, which take into account the consistency of performance over periods up to five years. Certificates are awarded for straight performance over three years. The most coveted award, for the South African Management Company of the Year, is made on the basis of an average PlexCrown rating that measures risk-adjusted returns and consistency of performance across all of a manager’s qualifying funds for periods up to five years. Certificates are awarded to the runners-up in second and third place in the domestic management company rankings.