Welcome to the Personal Finance’s Podcast show with me Content Editor Ruan Jooste. It is our third show for the year and a special one at that.

Firstly, because I have my colleague and Editor Martin Hesse as my special guest, which is the first time he has agreed to join me on our rather new podcast venture, which was launched in September last year, and secondly because we will be discussing Personal Finance’s flagship annual event the Raging Bull Awards, which will be returning to its former glory at the end of February.

I only joined Personal Finance in the latter part of last year, but Martin has been with the title since 2008, first as sub-editor, before he took over the role of editor in 2017. Sadly, he will be retiring this year, which is the third reason that makes today’s show extra special.

The Raging Bull Awards has served as a platform to honour the leaders of the South African collective investment schemes industry since 1997, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to settle for a virtual event over the last few years. This year we are back with a vengeance, and will present a live event on 28 February at the Pigalle Restaurant in Cape Town, which coincidentally is also Martin last day at work.

But before his and his institutional knowledge leaves the building, he will explain to listeners what this event is all about, who is involved and why the results matter to our loyal Personal Finance supporters.

This article is originally from IOL.